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Salad Box Info

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Salad Box Info

How Salad Boxes work

  • Salad box shoppers sign up for $10 worth of salad ingredients to be delivered weekly.

  • Shoppers register for monthly sessions and prepay $40-50 for each session.

  • Shoppers pay online with PayPal or credit car- no money is exchanged at pick up.

  • Salad box ingredients vary each week, and contain fresh ingredients ready for harvest.

  • $2 of each salad box subsidizes a subscription for a family who pays with EBT cards.

  • Each Thursday afternoon, Brave Harvest staff and volunteers harvest, wash, and pack salad box ingredients.

  • Each Friday, Brave Harvest delivers salad boxes to the pick up site. Customers mark their name off a list when they claim their order. Should a customer not pick up on time it is up to individual hubs to decide how to deal with the unclaimed orders. (We suggest letting hub volunteers take home unclaimed orders.)

What is a Hub?

A hub is a pick up point for the Brave Harvest Salad Box subscription program. We are working with other organizations to establish hubs at low-income senior residences and Section 8 housing complexes.

How does a Hub work?

  • Fridays, at a set time chosen by the Hub, orders will be delivered to location presorted and ready for pick up.

  • Customers will arrive during set hours of operation and pick up orders.

  • Customers will take their order out of the Brave Harvest bag/box they were delivered in and transfer order to their own bag (so Brave Harvest may reuse delivery bags/boxes)

  • Hubs do not deal with money or quality issues. All issues pertaining to orders will be directed to Brave Harvest at

What are a Hub’s responsibilities?

  • Hubs must have a contact person who is responsible for making sure the hub runs smoothly. It is their job to recruit volunteers to help at the hub if necessary and promote the Hub to people in their community who may wish to use it.

  • Hubs must have a covered space for the pick up to occur (indoors with A/C is ideal) and a space for storing bags/boxes each week. The delivery driver will drop off orders each Friday and pick up the previous week’s empty bags for reuse the following week.

  • If hubs are in an office or place where people will be present during pick up, people present during pick up must be informed that hub is happening so they may aid customers in finding their orders.  If no one is present during pick up hub instructions must be very clearly labeled.

How do I make my neighborhood/office a Hub?

Please email for more information